What to consider when selecting your yoga teacher training program?

What to consider when selecting your yoga teacher training program?

Did you know there are 124 North Carolina based 200 hour yoga schools currently listed in Yoga Alliance’s directory? With so many options available, how do you select the right one? Yoga Teacher Training is a big investment of your energy, time and money so there is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the program that is the perfect fit for you. Keep reading to learn a few tips and guidelines to consider!

  • What format do you learn best from?

    Is it online, In-Person, or Hybrid that might work best for you? At Pro Power Yoga Training, we have chosen to intentionally build our program as a hybrid format with 1 evening virtual zoom session per month and 1 in person weekend session per month. We have found that the hybrid format ensures continuity of the material while at the same time allowing more flexibility, accessibility, and connectivity with our students.

  • What Training & Instructor Credentials are you looking for?

    It is important to select trainers who share your values when it comes to professionalism, ethics and knowledge. Leah & Tiffany have very diverse backgrounds but share a common vision of professional and personal development and a commitment to an ongoing pursuit of education, experience, and genuine authenticity. Leah comes from a strong business and financial background in her formal education & energetic intuitive background in yoga training and holistic healing, while Tiffany has a formal education in Neuroscience & Physiology and her background in yoga is based more in functional movement and biomechanics. With our diverse education and training, we are able to passionately provide a well-rounded approach to the Mind, Body, and Spirit study of Yoga. Both our lead instructors are 500hr Yoga Certified, YACEP, and Pro Power Yoga Teacher Training is Certified by the Yoga Alliance.


  • What is your intention?

    As you are learning there are so many wonderful yoga teacher training programs to choose from it can definitely become overwhelming, but what is YOUR INTENTION? Do you want to teach professionally? Do you want to deepen your own practice? Is there a specific style of yoga that is your heart? Our lead instructors are very diverse, but simultaneously very open. Our program was created to give YOU the opportunity to safely, authentically, and confidently teach (or deepen your practice) of the style of yoga that you are drawn to. With our certification, you will be ready to teach and have the foundational knowledge for:

    Hatha - Vinyasa - Power Flow - Yin Yoga - Yoga Sculpt - Restorative - Myofascial Release Techniques

    Remember, the most important aspect of choosing a training is YOUR CONNECTION to the instructors, the program, and your intention. As a graduate of any teacher training, your school and instructors form the foundation of your professional career as a yoga teacher. Admittedly, Leah and Tiffany both take this very seriously. Our graduates are a direct reflection of us as trainers in the yoga industry and we are passionate about their development both professionally as yoga teachers and personally as yoga students. When you invest in us, we promise to make the same commitment to you! Our connection does not center around a simple exchange - we are fully committed to your journey and strive to maintain an interest and connection with our graduates well beyond the training weekends.

    If you have been considering a yoga teacher training program, connect with us to learn more about what we have to offer and discover if our program is a good fit for you! Our Spring 2022 training begins April 29th & enrollment is now open for our Fall 2022 Training! Book a complimentary one on one session to discuss your goals and aspirations with us or apply now!


Leah and Tiffany teamed up to create Pro Power Yoga in 2021 in Raleigh, NC and the surrounding Triangle area and can’t wait to keep building programs for all our yogi loves! To learn more about Pro Power Yoga - Please go here to learn more about Raleigh NC Yoga Teacher Training Program - Pro Power Yoga!  Co-owned and led by Leah M Ward of LivingWild™ Yoga. 

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